I received SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME on a Saturday and delved into immediately. Wow.  It swept me up and carried me into the dark underside of Tinseltown.  What a marvelous storyteller Bronson is – I loved his style of clipped, short paragraphs, perfect for the voice of the main character, Jack Shannon.  But the brevity was not lacking in depth – every description was carefully thought out, pithy and spot on.  And the plot – oh my!  Twists and turns and a surprise ending – very satisfying.

I marveled at how much Bronson understands Hollywood and its many layers and underlying fear. What a romp he takes us on, visiting all the iconic landmarks. Readers will recognize movie studios, restaurants, boulevards – even the Hollywood Bowl and Catalina Island are settings for high drama.

Bronson brought back many memories of the land of my youth – the smog, the lack of seasons, the Santana winds, the beautiful people, everyone hoping to be discovered, to become the next sensation on the silver screen.

I thought Bronson did an amazing job of capturing Savannah Stevens’ character – her sensuality, her voluptuousness, her ability to give herself to men she barely met, yet still have a kind of innocence.  And she changes Jack – makes him care again.  Jack was marvelous – tough and savvy as steel, yet tender deep inside.  Just the type to make any woman swoon.  (Too bad he’s fictional!)

And all the supporting roles – I could see each one in my mind.  I don’t know how Bronson managed to weave in so many people without losing the momentum of the story, yet he gave just enough details to create believable, well-rounded characters — like the alcoholic actor who declaims lines from Shakespeare in an empty diner in the dead of night.

I think this novel should be required reading for any college class on cinema.  Bronson has created a sobering tale of the true nature of the land of dreams – a mystery that is gripping and leaves us breathless.  Just like an epic movie.